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The Dutch Platform Geothermie

The Platform Geothermal Energy (SPG) consists of approximately 85 participants who share an interest in the development of  geothermal energy in The Netherlands. Members are governmental organisations (provinces, regions, municipalities), knowledge institutes and a wide variety of companies. This last group consists of suppliers of products and services (both technical and financial/organisational), energy companies and a growing group of owners of (future) geothermal installations (licence holders/applicants).

SPG frequently represents the growing geothermal sector in consultations with the Dutch ministry of Economic Affairs and others.

SPG is association member of EGEC (European Geothermal Energy Council ) and has an affiliation agreement with the International Geothermal Association (members of the Dutch Platform are IGA-members). The active operators of geothermal wells are (also) united in the Dutch Organisation of Geothermal Operators.

Governance is by the executive board (Bestuur) and the supervisory council (Raad van Toezicht & Advies) which is recruited from the various groups of member organisations.

The Board and Advisory Committee members are appointed on a personal title for a period of three years which can be extended for another three year period.

The day to day activities of the Dutch Platform are performed by the Platform bureau. Those interested in the Dutch Geothermal 'scene' can request information at the Platform bureau. We are happy to receive any questions you may have.