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Science en engineering in sedimentary basins

Registration is open for the SedHeat workshop, “Unlocking the Energy Elephant: Science and Engineering for Geothermal Energy in Sedimentary Basins” (1-4 March 2017 in Salt Lake City):

The links given below allow you to register, submit a poster abstract, or book our group rate at the Marriott University Park Hotel. There are limited spaces available with a maximum attendance of about 80 people.

The core objectives of the workshop are to address:
• What are opportunities in sedimentary geothermal?
• What are barriers to success?
• What should we focus on to make sedimentary geothermal viable?

We are lining up a thoughtful program of high-quality keynote presenters and are encouraging participation of all the gathered experts through panel discussions, questions time, and a poster session, so as to facilitate fruitful debate and brainstorm opinions and ideas.

Information gathered at the workshop will be collated into a report that will form part of the output from the SedHeat project as we pull the various threads together and look towards our future next steps.