Omschrijving EngEthics

EngEthics is a strong attempt to combine two well engineers generations (50 years) of business ethics into delivering competitive Engineered Projects.

I work in English, French and A2 learning Dutch thanks to ECW support course and team patience.

EngEthics en geothermie

For a start I offer 25 years personal international Well Engineer well rounded experience accredited by Shell round 1/2 certification and all the training.
I work on the development of second generation a geothermal wells model extracting energy heat from any location on the globe below 2,000m for a minimum of 60degC.
I am also collaborating with EU and Netherlands EZK Auditors on the recovery from 2021 drinking water alert in geothermal drilling poor zone isolation, gases percolating.



Francois Dorleans

Project Manager
"Getting together with common values is the most efficient way to deliver Anthropocene energy with lowest #scope123 Geothermal projects. I suggest to build the best Energy Transition with great “crew spirit”, continuous improvement and standardisation. Obviously “crew spirit” includes no harm to anyone able to go home really happy, rightly proud."