Omschrijving MaxTube

Maxtube Limited has been supplying Duoline GRE internal Lining systems to the Oil & Gas market for over 25 years and is now transferring this knowledge & experience to the Geo Thermal sector. With locations worldwide we are able to offer full support to our customers and an excellent track record in both Water Supply & Water Disposal/Injection wells

MaxTube en geothermie

With the transition from fossil fuels to greener alternatives, we have seen a boom in requests for our products to offer long life corrosion protection to Carbon Steel used in both Production and Injection wells. With a range upto 130C temperatures and no limit to CO2 & O2 gases we can offer a significant saving to the Geo Thermal industry. High Chloride and Salt contents are also permissible. With orders in place and can work directly with customers or supply via their OCTG vendors.



Neil Mcintosh

Sales Manager
"Geothermal Energy Netherlands / Geothermal energy is important because it is a leading organization in promoting engineering excellence and technical knowledge to the industry. Delivering green heating to both commercial and domestic environments is something that is needed by everyone."