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Dutch geothermal: overview

Geothermal in the Netherlands

At present around 20 doublets are operational in The Netherlands, producing over 62 PT of heat every year. This number is growing. More information (in English) can for example be found on

Dutch association: Geothermie Nederland

Geothermie Nederland is the association for companies and institutions actively engaged in geothermal energy. We unite not only developers and operators of geothermal energy sources, but also consultancies, engineering firms, district heating companies and
network operators. We welcome municipalities and other regional government organisations to join us as 'Kennispartners' (Knowledge Exchange Partners).

Our goal: “We make a tangible contribution to the energy transition and make The Netherlands every day more sustainable with the use of geothermal heat, a natural and renewable source of energy.”

Growing industry

Expectations are high and new markets such as the built environment have high demands for geothermal energy. Although the geothermal sector is growing, more is needed to achieve the necessary acceleration. The next few years are crucial for the development of geothermal
energy in the Netherlands. Geothermie Nederland and its members play a pivotal role in this acceleration.


Geothermie Nederland takes up the challenges. The association is committed to improve the investment climate: lobbying for appropriate laws and regulations, structural improvement of the business case, proper integration into heat networks and a demand-driven knowledge and innovation agenda. Geothermie Nederland is committed to safe geothermal energy by supporting its members in safe and responsible operational management. Geothermie Nederland brings parties together by building a strong network within the association and by communicating extensively with all relevant stakeholders outside the association.

Benefits of the Geothermie Nederland membership 

  • You will have access to a large network of geothermal companies and experts.
  • You will be kept up to date with the latest developments. We inform you for example about innovations, investment opportunities, legislation and regulations.
  • You can actively exchange knowledge and information within our working groups.
  • You have direct influence on developments in the sector.
  • You have access to relevant (research) information and customised industry
    standards and protocols.
  • You have access to support for your communication strategy with your own
  • You and your colleagues can participate in various knowledge and network meetings


Sign up using the registration form or contact our office in The Hague (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or talk to one of our board members.